Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller takes the oldest form of marketing, "storytelling," and weaves it into a marketing framework that anyone, from a single person to a large company, can use to build a strong brand and start getting real results from their marketing and communication efforts.

StoryBrand's one-liner focuses on the power of storytelling and makes the point that today's corporate executives just ignore it because they think it's just a bunch of fancy jargon that doesn't mean anything.

The whole book combines digital marketing, scriptwriting (storytelling), and psychology (Maslow's hierarchy of needs) and gives modern digital marketers and business owners a brand message framework that the author calls the "Story Brand Framework."

Even if you don't know anything about the hierarchy of needs, digital marketing, or scriptwriting, you can quickly get an idea of how a great story sells, how it can be adapted to meet different needs, like status, security, and self-actualization, and how to put it all together to send clear messages that convert.

The book basically tells you to make a narrative arc for a character who is on a journey and wants to be happy. A buyer persona in marketing is like a character on a journey in a story. The book says that instead of making yourself or your brand the hero, you should position your brand as the guide who assists the hero in finding fulfillment.

And to help you build that narrative arc, or brand script, the book gives you templates to fill out as exercises.

The character/buyer persona has a specific issue from there. A guide, which could be a brand with a product or a thought leader in an industry, gives them a plan and a vision of a better life that meets one of their survival needs and helps the character succeed and avoid failure.

As it says on the cover, the whole book is meant to help you clarify your brand message and communicate it in a way that makes it easy for your potential buyers or audience to see how their lives will change if they work with your brand.

If you work in either digital marketing or scriptwriting, the things the book talks about will be familiar and relevant to you.  Storytelling is, in fact, one of the most important parts of content marketing.

Do you know what is brand narrative? 

A brand narrative is a concise, streamlined story that acts as the platform for an organization's marketing and communications.

Awareness, consideration, and decision stage.

Cater your communication or content to each of these stages methodically, and you will have a winning content strategy.

As a marketer or journalist in today's world, it helps to be able to think across disciplines because everyone is basically talking about the same thing.

Creative solutions emerge from a mind that can make broad connections.

The basic argument is that this book is a fantastic introduction for anyone who wants to create a memorable brand, craft persuasive narratives, and foster long-term connections with their target market.

It's a wonderful revitalizer for a seasoned digital marketer, and it restores integrity to data analytics by way of good, old-fashioned stories.

The grunt test is just one of many examples of the remarkable simplicity of the anecdotes in this book, which serve to provide the reader with sudden epiphanies about crucial branding and messaging problems.

Donald Miller Business Made Simple is also a good consideration if you are a budding brand!

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